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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Number of current volunteers for St Stephen's Volunteers
  2. Hours per volunteer shift
  3. Do I need previous volunteering experience to volunteer
  4. Do I need knowledge of HIV
  5. How many shifts will I be required to do each week
  6. Do I need computer experience
  7. Will I receive training
  8. How long does the application process take
  9. I am a student can I apply to volunteer with St Stephen's Volunteers

Answer 1:

As at January 2016 we have 36 Volunteers in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and 56 Dean Street Soho.

Answer 2:

Currently the average hours on a volunteer shift is 4 hours. .

Answer 3:

You do not need previous volunteering experience bu some knowledge of HIV would be an advantage. Full training is given when you start volunteering.

Answer 4:

Not necessary but knowledge of HIV would be an advantage to be aware of the situation patients could be in.

Answer 5:

To cover at least one 4 hour shift a week but there is an option to cover more shift if you want to.

Answer 6:

You do not need computer experience but if you choose to volunteer at the Patient Support Desk you would need some knowledge of computer experience.

Answer 7:

When you first start volunteering and after your induction you will be with an experienced volunteer for as long has you feel you need training.

Answer 8:

The application process can be completed within 3 weeks. This depends on the return of forms and references.

Answer 9:

Yes students can apply to volunteer with us but you need a commitment of a year and to cover at least one shift a week